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Well I'm a normal girl with some talents. I have played, watched, and in some cases hurt people during sporting events. I go to a talented and gifted school, where I have many friends and enemies. At school if you are not a personal friend, then you know me as the "smart girl" who excells in everything and you think I'm perfect. News flash! There's no such thing. Yeah, I'm in math club, athletic, etc, but that doesn't mean I don't fail once in a while... Any way, I'm also into writing poems, stories, speeches, scripts, stuff like that. I think it's really fun because you can go any where with it because it's yours! I can play many instruments, but I specialize in piano. Well, piano is REALLY the only thing I can play because other instruments I just memorize where my fingers go, it's really weird. As for acting, I like making voices while I read my assignments for english class and the first time I read my story for my 7th grade class my teacher asked if I was in drama. I replied no because I had never considered myself an actress. Art is a major part of my life. It's a real outlet for me.

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